My SizeGenetics Review – My personal review

sizegenetics-systemAppearance and looks are everything in today’s world. This is why most of us have gone to extreme lengths to boost how we look. When it comes to body parts, Men and women are bothered by different things. A woman might worry about the size of her breasts and buttocks and face appearance men on the other hand worry about their chest, arm and shoulder size, height and most importantly the size of their penis. Large penises make men feel confidence in their ability to perform and satisfy their women. The question is how does one enlarge their penis safely. Size genetics is the way to go as it’s a non surgical enlargement procedure that has been proven to work.

Size genetics use the same concept as a person who exercises. A beginner in exercising does little and as he or she becomes advanced the more he takes up in his regimen. This device is attached to the penis where it then provides constant traction at a steady rate along the corpora cavernosa which is the cylinder like part in a penis that fills with blood when one is aroused. The traction makes the cells of the cavernosa to stretch and break thus creating new cells which are healthy and not redundant. This new cells grow larger as they do so under the constant traction. The cell duplication ensures the cavernosa increases in size.

The benefits of this device include great sexual precision as you are able to guide you penis easily, improved erectile function by strengthening your muscles, control of ejaculation making your intercourse moment more pleasurable, improved self esteem and of course a longer, thicker penis and overall penis health because just as we exercise our bodies to get stronger, the same goes for a penis.This device can also be used by those with curved penises so as to make them straighter and thus adding to those all important inches. Most people are afraid of wearing penis extender due to the discomfort but you should get a comfortable one so that ear it and you can actually get the results. Get one with a padded rubber comfort strap to ensure that blood still circulates freely in your penis. Size genetics can also be worn 58 different ways so ensure you experiment to get the most out of the training. The device is discrete so it will allow you to wear it everywhere you are. Remember the more the exercise, the higher your chance of increasing the penis length.

Bjorn Nielson has been testing the sizegenetics for more than 5 months now. You can see his results on his pages.

Size genetics offers different deals so everyone is catered for but most people recommend the ultimate system which contains traction plus powder, moisturizer and the comfortable exercise gear. Once you order, the shipment is free and very fast and t you also get a 6 month guarantee! Knowing all this, there is no need to continue wallowing in self consciousness and pity, order your kit and boost your penis. Remember to get your kit from genuine dealers and don’t be tempted by cheaper versions which are uncomfortable and just a waste of your money.

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